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I don’t think about art when I’m working.
I try to think about life.
— Jean-Michel Basquiat

Money isn't everything.  

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Foolish Youth

by Devon More

Released: April 7, 2014  

Production: Adam’s Sound

Album Artwork: Brenna Stonehocker

All songs by Devon More

(Adrift co-written by Josiah Jay Wilson)


Ear  Worms   &   Eye  Candy

Imagine you had been RIGHT there during this summer outdoor festival appearance...

Here's the buzz on Berlin Waltz...

Die Kunst ist eine Vermittlerin des Unaussprechlichen.
— Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

Take a listen to Summer of '77

Based on a memory provided by Michelle Jakob, this site-specific pod play was created for Secret City (commissioned by Western Canada Theatre for the 2016 High-Wire Festival in Kamloops, BC).


More story, please.

Some of Devon's stories, as recorded at The Flame - Vancouver's premier storytelling event.



Want het groote geschiedt niet bij impulsie alleen en is een aaneenschakeling van kleine dingen die tot elkaar gebragt zijn.
— Vincent van Gogh


You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.
— Georgia O'Keeffe

Read what others have said about past projects from Devon More Music:

Flute Loops lands in Toronto to rave reviews:

"Um, please go see Devon More‘s Flute Loops.  It is an amazingly good music-based play ...  This artist really deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. I guarantee you with every fibre of my body that Flute Loops is an incredible show."  -Mooney on Theatre

 Flute Loops is a rock opera about quantum physics.

Flute Loops is a rock opera about quantum physics.

Berlin Waltz


Berlin Waltz is a masterful blend of musical storytelling that left echoes in my head and heart for hours ... "    -Plank Magazine


" This show is a work of art. "    -CJLO Montreal


" More’s Berlin Waltz stands as a love letter to a city, an intimate encounter between biography and history, and also, a call for action. "    -Joyful Magpies


" A one woman show jam packed with multimedia and politics ... Entertaining and thought-provoking, Berlin Waltz takes a big bite out of history and moulds it in a way that the audience can all of a sudden see the present. "    -Room Magazine